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We're in the business of providing value and performance when you need an iPad barcode scanner, an Android barcode scanner, a iPhone bluetooth scanner or a scanner connected to a PC or MAC.

The UnionNet SP-2100 2D Barcode Scanner offers best in class performance without the sticker shock of other 2-Dimensional Bluetooth Barcode Scanners. Designed to work seamlessly with virtually any operating system, you can use the same scanner on an iPad, Nexus 7, iPhone, PC, Blackberry, Mac, etc. The UnionNet SP-2100 2D won't let you down.

Want to keep it simple? Just make a HID connection to whatever host (Android, iOS, Blackberry 10, Mac or PC), and when you scan the barcoded characters will show up on the screen where the cursor is flashing.

Working in a noisy environment? The SP-2100 is the only scanner in its class with a vibrator that can give your user's feedback of a successful scan.

Need it to work all day? The UnionNet SP-2100 2D had the longest battery life on any scanner in its class.

With an IP54 rating, 1-year warranty and built to be tough, the UnionNet SP-2100 2D can also decode all major barcode symbologies. From UPC to QRCode, the SP-2100 2D barcode scanner reads them all - and from any direction. You don't have to line up anything for the barcode to decode, just generally center the aiming square and "beep", the barcode is decoded. You can even read barcodes from a phone or Computer screen!

Have your own application program? The SP-2100 2D barcode scanner has MFi and Android certified SDK's so you can send messages to the screen, allow scanning at certain points in the application, vibrate to get the user's attention - FOR FREE! We'll even help you understand the SDK so you'll be up and running in no time!

Naturally, we have a demo program available for qualified clients. Now try it !

  • • Advanced 2D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner for 1D & 2D data collection
  • • Large data memory : 8MB(32KB_RAM/256KB_ROM)
  • • Ultra-Long Life battery : 1,450mAh
  • • Vibrator Motor included
  • • Rock Solid Bluetooth connection to any host
  • • IP54 rated, 5' drop to concrete, 2-year guarantee
  • • Longest battery life of any scanner in its class
  • • Collect data while not connected to a PC
  • • Store up to 30,000 barcodes
  • • Review and Delete from scanner
  • • Connect and Batch to host with a barcode scan
  • • Small and convenient - doesn't take up space on your desk or in your pocket
  • • Both 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional barcodes supported
  • • Connects to Windows, Mac, Blackberry, Android, iPad / iPhone and other HID compliant bluetooth hosts
  • • Versatile and programmable control from your App on the host
Unionnet Korea. sp_2100