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  • 마우스 오버전마우스 오버후
  • 마우스 오버전마우스 오버후
  • 마우스 오버전마우스 오버후
  • 마우스 오버전마우스 오버후
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We're in the business of providing value and performance when you need an iPad barcode scanner, an Android barcode scanner, a iPhone bluetooth scanner or a scanner connected to a PC or MAC.

The UnionNet SP2100 Laser Barcode Scanner is the ONLY bluetooth barcode scanner to consider if you need flexible, high-speed barcode data collection to your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android or Windows tablet, smartphone or PC. With the longest battery life of any barcode scanner in its class, an "all symbology" decoding capability, rated drop specifications and native soft keypad pop-up for both Android and iOS, the SP2100 Laser barcode scanner is your clear choice if you're serious about durability, shift life and a robust operator feature set.

The UnionNet SP2100 Laser connects to your tablet, smartphone or PC seamlessly and acts as a bluetooth keyboard. Set it up once and you can forget about it... just pick it up and press the scan button. The bluetooth connection is automatically re-established. If you need to use the soft keypad in iOS (iPxx devices) or Android, just press the side button to make the keyboard pop-up or disappear on your command. You don't even don't need to look at the host device, the comprehensive 1-line system status line tells you everything you need to know - battery power, connection mode, connection activity and memory status.

With the UnionNet SP2100 laser barcode scanner, you won't have to worry about oboselescance - planned or otherwise. Both the scanner's primary and bluetooth firmware are "field upgradable" so you can be sure that you'll never have to worry about it not being up to date if there's ever an improvement or change in barcode specifications. You'll never be upcharged if you deploy the SP2100 with an integrated iOS or Android Marketplace program – We can also support the SDK, tech support and MFi registration works !

Without a doubt, the UnionNet SP2100 laser scanner is a virtually bulletproof solution to your high-speed barcode data collection requirements.

  • • Advanced 1D CCD Bluetooth Barcode Scanner for 1D data collection
  • • Large data memory : 8MB(32KB_RAM/256KB_ROM)
  • • Ultra-Long Life battery : 1,450mAh
  • • Vibrator Motor included
  • • Rock Solid Bluetooth connection to any host
  • • IP54 rated, 5' drop to concrete, 2-year guarantee
  • • Longest battery life of any scanner in its class
  • • Collect data while not connected to a PC
  • • Store up to over 30,000 barcodes
  • • Review and Delete from scanner
  • • Connect and Batch to host with a barcode scan
  • • Small and convenient - doesn't take up space on your desk or in your pocket
  • • Both 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional barcodes supported
  • • Connects to Windows, Mac, Blackberry, Android, iPad / iPhone and other HID compliant bluetooth hosts
  • • Versatile and programmable control from your App on the host
Unionnet Korea. sp_2100